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GV60 vs Ioniq 5

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I’ve whittled my next car down to the GV60 or Ioniq 5, and I imagine given the close specifications and same foundation, GV60 owners have naturally faced the same choice.

I’m interested to understand what your thought process/rationale was to choose a GV60?

As it’s a company car my budget is set by the company, so the direct comparisons I’m making is:
  • Ioniq 5 Namsan AWD
  • GV60 Premium
    • Metallic paint
    • Artificial leather
    • Innovation
    • Panoramic roof
    • Comfort seat
    • B&O
Choosing the GV60 I’d be missing the leather seats, camera wing-mirrors, the V2L and rear heated seats. I think I could live without those though, especially getting the massage seats, memory steering wheel and proper augmented navigation in return.

My concerns with the GV60 are the artificial leather (no issues with saving the cows, just that it looked a bit naff on the configurator graphic) and boot size. As we have a 6 month old little boy, and a boy-so-small push chair, boot size has all of a sudden become important, probably the highest priority.
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Thread name is Ioniq 5 vs GV60, I'm fortunate to currently own both.

I lined them up the other evening for some quick head to head launches.

One of the main reasons I wanted the gv60 was for the extra power in the performance trim and so far I'm very satisfied on that front. Anything specific that OP might want more opinions on besides what's already been discussed?
Ioniq 5 reminds me of the Austin Maestro from the 1980s
Hahah I can see that as well now that you mention it!
Victor: Another great video here! So exciting to see these new features!

Keep them coming please!
Thanks John will do!

Hi Victor,
Have you or will you do a video on your Home Charger? I am at a loss at how to start the process to get a Level 2 Home Charger and could use any advice or suggestions.
If there is a thread already for this, the moderator can move this over to it.
Thanks, John
Hey John, I will definitely post in the future once I get one installed.

At the moment I actually only DC fast charge my EVs. The ioniq 5 came with 2 years of free charging and the GV60 comes with 3 years of free charging. I haven't activated my gv60 account and just using my Ioniq 5 account to charge both cars. I'm wondering if I can save the 3 years plan and activate it later. It just so happens that I live walking distance from my local EA station so taking advantage of the free electricity for now.

That can spark a whole debate of its own on battery degradation but there is a lot of owner data and some tests ran that seem to point to solely or mostly DC fast charging only being a few % worse over a 5 or even 10 year period for the battery vs level 1 or level 2 charging.

My plan is to hold off as long as I can before getting an EVSE installed.
Thanks Victor. That makes sense. I do wonder about 'saving" the three years like you mentioned. So the Ioniq 5 EA subscription doesn't make a distinction to which vehicle gets to charge? It is aligned to the owner's account? Meaning if I was there in my GV60, you could let me charge on your EA Ioniq 5 account?
At least so far, EA just seems to be verifying the account and that's it. I know some people have been wishing for the 'plug and charge' that's available in some other countries where they never need to open up the app. But at least for now it's giving us the advantage of being able to charge whatever vehicle we want so your theoretical scenario should work.
Pretty sure it's three years from your purchase date, regardless of when you activate the account.
You very well might be right but no one seems to know for sure. In any case I'm not in a hurry to activate mine so I'll wait until I need it to find out.
Thanks Victor. It's an interesting question.

Do you have any new videos? I am ready to see more of the GV60!

Thanks, John
I've got my 5 month update for my Ioniq 5 that's dropping Monday and then on Wednesday my 'how I bought my gv60 at MSRP' should be ready.

Have to split my time a little bit 😂
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