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GV70 AWD light on / failure at 5K miles - several posting - says transfer case and rear differential

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Very upset that my AWD light came on, even before my first service ! couldn't get a diagnosis appt for 2 months at one dealership - change dealership for a sooner appointment but was told they only have ONE loaner and I wont get it unless I wait as 3 others have issues and not sure when it would be available - If I toggle onto the setting for all four wheels and the car on the dash- the minute the light comes on , I loose the front wheel drive - only rear .

Others have posted similar and been told transfer case - then once changed , told rear differential - then one was told now drive shaft and they strarted the buy back process

Would be interested and hopeful to hear other members w/ GV70 awd fault that turned out better ?! apparently these "fixes" involve MAJOR dismantling of a brand new car and I am not excited about that - obviously

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Search for threads in various forums for gv70 and gv80 ELSD issues. The prestige with elsd is failing like crazy.
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