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GV70 - bypass user selection on home screen?

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I love my GV70 and I am pretty much the only person who is going to be driving it. Anyone know if you can bypass the user profile selection screen when it starts? It is annoying to continually select myself and I would really prefer to have it on the screen I was last on. Thanks.
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Question for owners or someone who knows.... There's a screen that I've seen on videos saying something like drive safely and obey all rules.... Does that come up every time the car is started? If so, is there a way to turn it off? I love this vehicle but there's no way I'm going to deal with that screen for years to come. This is treating the customer that just bought a very expensive car like an addled brained child....
This does pop up every time you start the vehicle, but as soon as you put it in drive or reverse the screen goes away.
That's not as bad as having to press a button to acknowledge the message but still... I haven't seen it once and I know it will bother the **** out of me... Enough not to get the GV70.
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