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GV70 Sport Advanced 3.5T Debadged/Murdered

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Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle

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For anyone interested, list of things done.
  • Rims - 20” Niche M224 Gamma Gloss Black
  • Tires - Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 Plus 255x45R20
  • Tint - 5% rear, 15% front, 70% windshield
  • Chrome Delete
  • Debadged Trunk.
  • Replaced chrome with Black Hood Emblem.
  • Mirror tapped radar with mirror mount.
To-Do List (for now)
  • Smoke out tail lights
  • JL W7 Sub and Box
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I absolutely love this...I'm thinking of getting the GV80 Coupe when it comes out, and I'm definitely going to figure out how to get some of this done. Your car looks awesome!! I haven't done much but tint, red rim protectors, and red air valve covers on mine. Tint 15 all around, 40 on the windshield. Enjoy!!
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Could you tell me where you purchased the rim protectors? thanks
RimPro-Tec® Wheel Bands™ Rim Protector for Car Wheels, Full Kit that offers protection for wheels, Black Track/Red Pinstripe come with added Bonus Material for extra fitments
Thank you, was it an easy installation?
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