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GV70 Steering Wheel and Lane Assist Issues and some Qs

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Purchased a used GV70 3.5 and have a few things going on, and any help would be appreciated:
  1. Steering wheel LCD buttons not lighting up and or working at all. Any suggestions?
  2. Check Lane Change Assist Function display and a warning is popping up on the dash when not even driving. When looking at the function in the settings, it is grayed out and not chosen. maybe associated with the steering wheel buttons not working?
  3. At times when getting out of the car, a warning pops up saying Check Back Seat.
  4. The original owner lost the secondary key and can not set a fingerprint, how do I resolve this, buy a second key?
Thank you in advance for any thoughts on the above
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Congrats on the GV70, it is a great vehicle. Couple of possible suggestions, which you may or may not have already tried...

1. Check the lighting settings and see if the auto dimming is on, and what it is set too... you may need to reset, or it may just be set really low with the dash light settings.
2. If you hadn't already done this, and depending on where you bought the vehicle, I would suggest s system reset, the dealer can do this for a new owner, but you can reset all of the user functions by deleting the user profiles...BUT don't do this until you get your second key.
3. There is a setting in setup to check the backseat for occupants. it can be turned off in SETUP General, but I don't recall where specifically. User manual can assist with this, or you can walk the menu tree.
4. You definitely need to get the second key and get the old one out of the system and the new one programmed by the dealer. You can't set fingerprints, or use key cards on the system without the second key to set it up in the first place. Don't delete the user profiles before you have the second key, it will make things a little annoying. I had a fob fail after it got washed in the laundry, and it made it very annoying for a couple of weeks until I had the second fob back. Unfortunately, I believe this MUST be programmed by the dealer. I'm unaware of a user option that allows the replacement of the fob.

Hope this helps
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