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GV80 3.5 Bluetooth/CarPlay Connectivity Issues (Toronto, Canada)

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We own a 2021 Genesis GV80 3.5 - we purchased it in March of last year. We have had issues with the hands-free calling - people complain that I sound like I am underwater, and it cuts in and out. I even bought a new iPhone, thinking that was the problem, but it wasn't. When my phone is plugged into CarPlay, I cannot answer any calls until I unplug the USB - this takes some time, and by then, my callers hang up, as they are saying Hello, Hello, Hello? It has been very frustrating. After trying everything possible, I finally had it in for service today in downtown Toronto. I received an email with the invoice saying a case has been created with Genesis Canada, as they couldn't fix it. No details on how they tried to fix it. (replace the microphone? etc.) I am still hoping that a Service Advisor will call me to discuss this and explain the process with Genesis Canada. I am frustrated with the service thus far. We are Acura and Mercedes owners, and there is no comparison. Acura has fantastic service, and it was why I have owned many MDXs over the years. I love my GV80, but I am worried that I have made a mistake.

Today they were supposed to replace the passenger seatbelt, as it was frayed within the first week or two of ownership. With Covid etc., it was put on the back burner. I told my service advisor that I wanted to ensure the part was in stock before I had it in for service today. Sadly, this didn't happen either.

Curious if anyone else has had any of the same problems with Bluetooth/CarPlay and a frayed seatbelt? Also, wondering if perhaps today is a one-off with service, and hopefully, my next experience will be better. I like to be optimistic!
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As JulieJane, i bought a 2021 GV 80 3.5 in november 2021. I have had the exact same problem as you with the hands free calling system. I am very disappointed in the car and in Genesis. I know that i will not buy another car from them . Ever.
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