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At about 350 miles the cluster 3D view stopped working correctly (2D only) on my new GV80. I've tried re-enabling the option both through vehicle set up and via the steering wheel buttons with neither effort making a difference. Following other comments on Genesis user forums I've moved the steering wheel angle so the the infra-red sensors would not be impacted, which also did not make a difference.

Watching Genesis "how-to" videos, I've noticed the infra-red sensors - just above the speedo and tach gauges - light up, and knowing IR is not visable to the human eye I used an old laptop w/camera and tested IR visability with a few different TV remotes to confirm capability. When pointing the laptop camera at the guage cluster and toggleing 3D on and off there was no IR image shown on the laptop screen, leading me to believe my vehicle has suffered a technology/IR sensor failure.
Has anybody else had this problem? Am I missing something here. Nearest Genesis dealer is over a 100 miles away so that isn't my best option. Thoughts?
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