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GV80 automatically slowing down quickly - no apparent reason

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We've had two instances where we were driving with the Smart Cruise Control (SCC) and all of a sudden, our vehicle immediately slowed down as if I had applied the brakes.

One instance was on a freeway with no surrounding traffic, the other was on a long local street with no surrounding traffic; freeway speed was 65 - 79mph, the local street was 35mph (I know it may sound strange using the SCC at that speed, but it was a long stretch and a known speed trap area).

Both roads were in good shape with no obstructions in the roadway.

Our main concern is that if the vehicle immediately slows down without the brakes being applied (and brake lights), we could potentially get rear-ended.

I researched and it appears that it could be related to the Navigation - Smart Cruise Control - Highway Auto Speed option, but just curious if anyone else has experienced this type of issue and were able to get an explanation on why it happened?
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Mine does this when CC is set to speed limits and speed limit in highway drops...the car's speed drops accordingly.
Agree, I think that is the root cause. On a local freeway (65mph) there is a curve that is marked at 50mph, just before the curve, my GV80 quickly drops the speed 15mph, navigates the turn and then quicky speeds up pulling out of the curve. It handles it hands free just fine, though I wish the speed drops/accel would be a bit smoother
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