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GV80 automatically slowing down quickly - no apparent reason

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We've had two instances where we were driving with the Smart Cruise Control (SCC) and all of a sudden, our vehicle immediately slowed down as if I had applied the brakes.

One instance was on a freeway with no surrounding traffic, the other was on a long local street with no surrounding traffic; freeway speed was 65 - 79mph, the local street was 35mph (I know it may sound strange using the SCC at that speed, but it was a long stretch and a known speed trap area).

Both roads were in good shape with no obstructions in the roadway.

Our main concern is that if the vehicle immediately slows down without the brakes being applied (and brake lights), we could potentially get rear-ended.

I researched and it appears that it could be related to the Navigation - Smart Cruise Control - Highway Auto Speed option, but just curious if anyone else has experienced this type of issue and were able to get an explanation on why it happened?
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Did any of you find a solution or was it just a normal response of the cruise control? I have had two instances of the car going into first gear and locking in first gear with no cruise control on and no GPS speed control on. One instance was when I was sitting at a red light. When the light turned green, I stepped on the accelerator and the car got stuck in first gear and would not upshift. I had to have GV80 crawl 5 mph with the engine roaring to get off the road out of the way of cars behind me. After I turned off the ignition and turned the car on again, the problem disappeared. That was several months ago. Just this past weekend, my wife was driving about 30 mph and suddenly the car slow down quickly into first gear, stayed stuck in first gear, and I had to instruct her where to find a safe place to get off the road and park the car. We turned off the ignition. Turned the ignition back on, and the car resumed to normal driving. The first time this happened I brought the car into the dealer. He said he found no fault codes and could not replicate the behavior. I asked my dealer today if he has any information about such incidents. He said no. He said he thought it might be an accidental brushing up against the paddle shifter. We’ve been driving this car all year, are totally familiar with it, never use the paddle shifters, and they are not in a spot where we ever put our hands or fingers. Did any of you find a solution to your problem? Was it simply explained by having programmed your cruise control to link to GPS speed? Or was it something else? thank you for any feedback.
Mine did it today. Driving at 45, no cruise and heavy traffic. My GV80 3T suddenly slowed to 20 mph and I floored it to get it to 30 mph. I pulled in to a parking lot, turned it off and back on and it didn’t do it anymore on the way home. I’m an hour and a half from the dealership so I called them and they said may be a computer glitch and by turning it off and on again I probably fixed it. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I told them to drive here and pick it up Monday. We shall see what happens. I’m thinking there’s an issue with so many having the same issue.
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