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GV80 battery COMPLETELY DEAD after parking for a week

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This morning we discovered our beautiful GV80 completely dead. The battery wouldn't even jump, it was so dead. Towed to the dealer, they're saying the car must be started AT LEAST TWICE PER WEEK due to all the network comms, otherwise this will happen, as if it's a known issue. The car has been parked for 7 or 8 days. Anyone familiar with this issue?
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My GV80 is 16 months old. The electronics continuously eat into the battery charge even with the car stationary and idle. I recommend if you are leaving your car more than two weeks, put a “trickle charger” on the battery. Access to the battery is easy in the rear. We were gone for a few weeks last year and I began getting messages on my Genesis phone app of low battery. When we traveled earlier this year, I put the charger on the battery and it was perfect when I returned home. No warning messages.
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