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GV80 battery COMPLETELY DEAD after parking for a week

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This morning we discovered our beautiful GV80 completely dead. The battery wouldn't even jump, it was so dead. Towed to the dealer, they're saying the car must be started AT LEAST TWICE PER WEEK due to all the network comms, otherwise this will happen, as if it's a known issue. The car has been parked for 7 or 8 days. Anyone familiar with this issue?
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We started this same conversation back in September. Our GV70 had to be towed in twice and we mostly got the same comments you did. We didn't want to accept the lame excuse of starting up the vehicle and taking a drive a couple times a week but they insisted there was nothing wrong with the battery. We like you do not drive every day but it was determined to be a defective battery mostly from draining on the long ship ride from Korea. We got a new battery from them but we do keep it on a battery tender. My husband routed the wire thru the grill and we have a little pigtail we can unplug and tuck into the grill and plug back in we we bring it back home. Works great and no problems sitting idle for awhile. Good luck to you...hope this helps.
So you wired the battery tender to the jump points and not the actual battery?
I used to check battery charge on the owners site as I was one of the first gv70 owners to have the dead battery back in August 2021, but now I wanted to check just because and with app updates and all can't seem to find how to check battery charge. How do you get into it.
You can only do this on the web site and not the app. It's kind of hidden. After you log in scroll down to a black rectangle box near the bottom of the page that says "View connected services". Then Just below the diagram of you car, click on "See all". You will see it there just below the fuel level. Today mine says 69%
I wonder if there is a fuse you could pull or, perhaps, unplug this main wiring harness to cause some of the systems to stop draining power and allow the battery to last a reasonable time...

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