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I have had Genesis GV80 3.5 for less than a year. However, a few months ago, I first got an indication on my dashboard CHECK LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL, and came to the dealer to clarify the situation with this matter. I was told it would take at least one day and was offered a loaner. I agreed. At the end of the day, they called me and said that they did not find any defect. However, this indication continues to this day every time I drive about half a mile. I went to the same dealer again two weeks ago and got an appointment for today, December 14th at 8 am. And I arrived at the appointed time, only to be told that it would take a week to find the problem and if needed, repair it. To my question, I received a loaner, I was told that there is no loaner available now. To any question, about when and how I may have the issue resolved the answer was - I don’t know. As a result, I left without any understanding of what to do next with this malfunction.
I am extremely dissatisfied with the level of service at Genesis. I have never encountered such a disgraceful luxury car service. Even though I was promised a 3-year service, in fact, I can't even get the first service. It's outrageous
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