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My iphone is connected to blue tooth. Incoming calls show on the screen, but the ring only comes through the phone, not the car speakers. Same when my husband's iphone is connected. I was at the dealership today, the salesman set his Android phone up to the bluetooth and we called it, and it did ring out on car speakers. Another woman with a new GV80 was there going over some of her settings. We tested calling her iphone (connected through blue toothin her car) and it only rang on her phone, and not the car speakers (like in mine). She'd only had her car a few days, so hadn't yet noticed this.
(None of these scenarios are with Car Play-I won't use that much if ever)
Is there some setting I am missing, either on the car or the phone?? (mine is iphone 12 pro-my husband's is 13pro)

I have already tried disconnecting the bluetooth and then re-connecting
ADDENDUM-while the phone is ringing in the car, if I turn the car volume way up(full blast) I can barely hear the phone ringing out of the car speakers, which is obviously something I wouldn't be doing as a rule
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