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GV80 on sand beach?

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Any experience with taking a GV80 on a beach for fishing in Deleware? Web has not been helpful.
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I've had my GV70 in the beach a few times already in Daytona with no issue. I just leave it in comfort mode and the AWD kicks in as necessary.
Your welcome 😃. It does take some extra cleaning on the black wheel well liner is the only drawback as the sand seems to cling to it a lot, beyond that no issues.
You can always let the air down in the tires and float on the sand…. Go low boys, go low. 20psi should not be an issue
I haven't found a need to change the tire pressure, the AWD does great... we've even been on a few non-paved roads and tread lightly dirt trails and it handles well. The tires are such low profile you just need to negotiate carefully. At times I use the front camera to have a better view of the ground in front of me when off road. I hope this finds everyone doing well 🙏
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