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My forward assist/smart cruise control (radar array) is out of alignment. The only indication I received was the warning light came on noting that forward assist and lane change were not working. That took smart cruise control out of commission and the auto-stop feature would also not work should something dart out in front of me. The lights just suddenly appeared while I was casually driving on the interstate.

I called my Genesis dealer and given I had a service appointment in 2 weeks, they said just bring it in then. I did and then got the call advising that the light faults resulted from the fact that my forward-looking radar array was out of alignment. Then the questions started: Had I had a front-end collision clearly, I had not, or had I run over something substantial and that's also a negative. They asked because if that was the case, I would have to pay for the repair.

The service representative mentioned that he had experienced 2 GV80's that had similar experiences, but they had clearly been damaged. Has anyone had this experience when no damage has knowingly occurred? My service representative has promised to take pictures before the repair commences to validate the presence or absence of damage. I will keep everyone apprised of the outcome and in the meantime, I would love to hear from any of you having had similar experience. To me, the GV80 is a robust machine and something as sensitive and important as a radar array should be in a hardened case meaning that it should not be easily damage by casual road debris or even going offroad a bit (which I haven't).

Thank You,
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