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GV80 Software / Firmware update
Genesis / Hyundai have a great philosophy to software updates. This is a how to guide to software updates on your Genesis vehicle.

What you will need:
  • USB Disk Drive (32GB or bigger storage capacity) | format: ExFat
    • USB drive speeds vary widely, buy a USB 3.0 or above, Type-A connection.
    • I used a SanDisk Ultra 64GB drive. (here)
    • For the people that like ranked research (here)
    • For the more tech savvy you can try a m.2 NVMe to USB enclosure
  • Computer to install the navigation Update software to create update USB
  • Navigation Update Software (official)
    • Downloads for windows and mac on the above link
This is a straight forward guide to get your vehicles software up to date. Timing can vary greatly. I timed this all using my phone timer app so my times are accurate to me but may differ for you. Once getting to Step 6 if the progress bar gets suck at 0% for what seems like an eternity, be patience it will start progression usually between 10 - 20 minutes. The timing of this update depends heavily on your USB data transfer speeds.

total time: 1hr and 15 minutes - 2hr (time may vary)
version: JX1.CAN.P6.001.002.210728 (Canada) / April release (USA | Other)

Step 1: Download the navigation software and install on your computer. Open software.

Step 2: Follow the in software prompts to choose your vehicle (GV80). Proceed and download the update. Official Guide (here)

Step 3: After the software downloads, click the "copy to USB" button. This may take some time depending on your USB drive speed. It took about 18 minutes for the files to copy over to my USB.

Step 4: Eject the USB from the computer and plug into the vehicle's data (android auto / carplay ) port.
View attachment 2122

Step 5: Go into the Settings app on the vehicle, and update(click the update button). If the update button is greyed out like it was for me within a few seconds it will prompt a software update from the USB device.

Step 6: You will be greeted with a progress bar at 0% for just over 10 minutes. The progress bar will start to move and will be at 100% in about 27 minutes for a total time of 37 minutes.

Step 7: A new update progress bar will show after the first at 0%, this one is a lot faster and should only take about 11 minutes.
  • Once the progress hits 100% it will restart the middle screen (it goes black), I was then prompted with a "check lane assist alert" ignore this alert, the middle screen came back on then restarted again and then I was finally prompted with the usual drive safe message/welcome screen with the confirm button.
Step 8: All done.

  • I recommend, especially as this is a first year vehicle to keep your software up to date. The centre unit in my vehicle the software was last installed in January and I bought the vehicle in April.
  • The new software(current: April release) runs smoother and the switching between main menu and android auto does not seem to have the stutter anymore / less severe.
  • Once the new software is installed the icon positions on the main screen reset to default positions.
  • I am in Canada and the firmware version will be different for which country you have selected in the installation on the computer.
Great info! I updated my gv80 with the new update and now my voice recognition doesn't work except for the previous destinations. Any idea how to fix this? I am travelling and I can't even see the POIs thru voice. - Thanks.
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