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GV80 US launch pushed back to fall. Reservations top 14,500

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Genesis has finally announced when the GV80 is coming to the US. Instead of this summer it will be arriving this Fall 2020. They also mentioned that reservations are up to 14,500.

Genesis Motor America will have two very important product launches in 2020; its first-ever luxury flagship SUV – the 2021 Genesis GV80 and the all-new 2021 Genesis G80 mid-size luxury sedan. The announcements of these two new vehicles have been well received by potential customers evidenced by the combined total of more than 14,500 reservations received.

Earlier this year, we announced that sales for both vehicles would commence in the US Market in the summer of 2020.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 related delays in the U.S, we need to adjust our communication of the timing for their highly-anticipated arrival in the US Market to the fall of 2020.

The all-new G80 and GV80 have received tremendous media accolades and an overall exceptional reception thus far. Recently, both vehicles were named contenders for the North American Car & Utility of the Year awards respectively.
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This is helpful since I'm still in a lease until January lol. But also frustrating because I'm sure there are many people in anticipation of its US release.
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I feel like we already knew this... I think another user posted the info from his dealer a few days ago. Although I guess this makes it official.
I wonder how many owners will be on here before anyone actually takes delivery.
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