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New member here interested in checking out the GV70 as a replacement for our CX-5. We love it but with 75K on it and five years old it's time to think about upgrading next year. Since the GV70 just caught my eye and it's looks like a long wait once ordered my timing is right for looking at all the trim options.

As a CX-5 owner we love the car as do all CX-5 owners. Wish it had a bit more umph and the transmission leaves much to be desired when running at fast speeds. I have to use the sport mode button and toggle back and forth to find the perfect gear setting. One thought is to upgrade to new CX-5 with the turbo.

Since we're getting older there's a bit more desire for something more lux and sporty. I recently rode in one of my brothers GV-80 and liked the looks but it was larger then we wanted and the ride in back seat harsh with the larger wheel option.

I'm disappointed in the GV70 website. I find it very lacking in interior and option info. I learned more in watching 4-5 YT videos than I did on the website.

Between YT reviews and GV forum I hope to educate myself before heading to the dealer for a test ride and to learn about turnaround times on ordering. I had to wait on virtually every car ever ordered and another site I'm on some members have waited a couple of years for their car. If you order now for one of those models it will be '24 if your lucky before getting one.

All cars are compromises I just hope I can find the right level of compromise in the GV-70.
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