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How Do Car Seats Fit in a 2021 Genesis GV80?

3099 Views 0 Replies 1 Participant Last post by  Kurt67 released their latest car seat check on the GV80 and they gave it A ratings across the board! The latch anchors are apparently very easy to access.

The verdict: Genesis hit the affordable luxury space with a trio of sedans and has now entered the SUV market with the GV70 and GV80. We tested the larger GV80 model and found a lot to like about its backseat, especially it’s easy-access Latch anchors. Our model was a two-row version with a leather-upholstered second-row bench seat; a three-row model is available.

Does it fit three car seats? No.


Grade A
  • Latch: The two sets of lower anchors peek out from the seat bight, where the back and bottom seat cushions meet. They’re not entirely exposed, but it’s enough to make finding and using them easy.
  • Infant seat: We had no trouble installing this rear-facing car seat and our 5-foot, 6-inch front passenger had ample legroom.
  • Rear-facing convertible: Again, installation was a breeze and front passenger legroom was good.
  • Forward-facing convertible: After removing the head restraint to situate the convertible flush against the seatback, it fit well. The lower anchors were again easy to use, and the top tether anchors on the seatback are clearly marked and have good clearance around them for easy connection.
  • Booster: We again raised the head restraint to properly situate the booster flat against the seatback. The GV80’s buckles are on short but stable arms; kids should be able to grasp and use them independently.
Grade B
  • None
Grade C
  • None
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