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I just test drove a GV60 Performance today. Great car!! But the dealer experience was incredibly frustrating.

I drove 2.5 hours for the test drive (I'm in Boston and the Genesis Concierge said the closest dealers were in southwest Connecticut.). Love the car.

If you know a good dealer in New England or New York, let me know. I'm willing to drive a good distance to have a cooperative and respectful dealer.

So many dealer problems.

#1 problem: they wanted a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. $1k. Eventually they relented on this, but I want to do business with a dealer I respect and who appreciates their customers.

#2. They said I couldn't order the car I wanted. I had to put a deposit down and then I'd be put in the queue to have first dibs (well, second dibs because someone else would be ahead of me). Then when they get a new car, I can opt to take it or pass and wait for future cars and stay in the queue. They said they (the dealer) can't even choose the color they will receive. THIS MODEL SUCKS. I really expected more from an up-and-coming luxury brand. I would have been happy to wait 3 months, 6 months, even 9 months or more to get my own order.

#3. They said there was not ADM (additional dealer markup). Then they said they had required add-ons. a) ceramic coating ($1,200) and b) tire protection ($1,000). I don't want the crappy cheap ceramic job the dealership is going to do. I want my local shop to do my ceramic coating, where I am the customer, not the dealer. And the tire protection...I've never had a tire damage early and I'm certainly not getting $1k worth out of this.

I'm ready to put money down on an order if I can find a reasonable dealer. If not, I'll stick with my current EV.
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