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I had no GV80 on order when I "built one" online in late November. Filled out web page and next day a corporate dude (Concierge) called. After repeating all the stuff I already typed in he said a dealer would contact me soon. Sure enough salesman (from closest dealer 90 miles) called same day and said "I'm the guy the dealer designated as Genesis POC so talk to me as I am local expert.) Said they had three coming within two week and only one was sold and other two available. I said heck yeah put me down and keep me informed and let me know upon arrival. About two weeks later I get a email from the guy "touching base" and asking if I had any question. I said yes and fired off two questions about trim and 3rd row. No response. Two weeks later I get same canned email "touching base" and again asking if I had any questions. Yup, I asked what is status and exactly what model/trim do you have due. That was Nov 28 and never got a email response to either. Screw-em, wouldn't deal with that dealer in Peoria, Illinois now. My other closest is 100 miles away. Would have been an immediate cash deal, but now I am losing interest - heading to Florida for a few months and will see my mood in few months. Concierge my butt...
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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