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Hyundai developing two other full size SUV's

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We've know for a little while that Hyundai has been working on a full sized SUV named the Palisade. It looks like the automaker is also working a second full size SUV, that will compete with the likes of Nissans Armada and the Toyota Land Cruiser. While the Palisade will have more of a focus on comfort, this second unnamed model is likely to focus on off road capability. What does everyone think of this Grandmaster concept?
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I think the front fascia is pretty terrible, but its smart for Hyundai to already be working on some cheaper alternatives below the GV. I would like to see more about this off road oriented model however, because the Land Cruiser isn't offered in NA.
The grille needs a rework for sure and I'm not a huge fan of all the plastic accents. Since Hyundai has also shown an interest in a proper pickup, this is probably going to the first of many more off road oriented vehicles from them.
Love the grille design. Even with all the new Genesis models that have come to market, design wise, they will get old and very quick.
Compared to brands like Mercedes, Genesis has a lot of catching up to do.
Oddly enough its close to this new MB Product:
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I don't really think its fair to compare a 3 year old brand to one that's been around for nearly a century. We've seen just how far these Korean brands have come and none of the Genesis models that have been released so far have experienced any serious issues.
Seeing the 2020 G80 test mule coming to life and carrying on the legacy left by the GV concept gives me hope. Genesis has a lot to prove and this new G80 is the first of many.
As the GV80 concept was originally a fuel cell based concept, I'm hoping that means that this model will see electrification of some kind. Hyundai seems to have already delivered a solid EV with the upcoming Kona.
The Hyundai Ioniq was already an early sign as to what Hyundai/Genesis has planned for the future. At this point its a waiting game.
If anything its the Essentia concept that previews what's in store for Genesis. Rumor has it that it will in fact be coming to production (2021) and will be the brands most expensive offering.
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