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Hyundai Employees Working Overtime to Speed Up Production of GV80

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It looks like GV80 production and deliveries will be increasing. According to Business Korea, Hyundai has been approved by South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labor to implement a special overtime on some production lines. The move is a result of labor and management agreeing to to roll out the G80 and GV80 faster.

Hyundai Motor has recently been approved by the Ministry of Employment and Labor to implement a special overtime on some production lines. The move came after the labor and management agreed to roll out the popular Genesis G80 and GV80 models faster.

Employees on the rear-wheel eight-speed transmission line and the shipping center have been working overtime since June 24. In addition to a 52-hour workweek, those on the transmission line are working eight hours more a week and those at the shipping center 10 hours more a week, Hyundai Motor said on June 29. The number of the workers working overtime now amounts to several hundreds.

A company is allowed to execute a special overtime when it is hit by a disaster or in a similar situation. It can have its employees additionally work up to 12 hours a week for up to three months.

In January, the government expanded reasons for authorizing a special overtime for companies having trouble in cutting working hours to include "management reasons." Emergency responses to unexpected situations such as facility failures and a sudden increase in workload are also reasons for approval of special overtime. If a company applies for a special overtime with the consent of workers, the government will give permission to it. It is not yet known why Hyundai Motor was approved for the special overtime.
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according to Article 53 of the Labor Standards Act, the employer (company) can extend working hours with the approval of the Minister of Employment and Labor and the consent of the worker (union) in special circumstances. This measure aims to increase the production of popular models, such as Palesade, which takes at least 5 months to deliver to customers, and Genesis GV80, which has more contracts. shareit apk vidmate app
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