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I'm a motorhead - a confession. I want a Genesis.

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So I'm in a GV80 Owners Registry. And I don't own a GV80. Possibly the wrong location but, you're probably in the know. I'm ready to purchase a 2023 GV80 Advanced +. Only option is the bumper applique.

Performing search engine searches asking the difference between 2022 and 2023 has proven most frustrating. I'm finding the writing of "professional" auto writers so lacking, it leaves one even more confused. It appears to me anyway, that the only change is the addition of a color, Adriatic Blue, and the subtraction of the "power liftgate" even though the 2023 model shows numerous standard ways of opening the liftgate. Other oddities is that the interior has been upgraded, more cargo space, better infotainment and the like.

Any experience or in the know folks here?

Price would be MSRP - $1000 incentive. It's out of state as well.

Thanks for your help - Michael
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Yeah we are going for it. Delivery date is sometime in March.

I'll need a tow hitch. Not sure if I want the stock tow hitch or opt for a Curt aftermarket. Not sure what else I'll need. Mud flaps maybe cause in live in snow country.
Got an aftermarket Curt (SKU #13464) Class 3 hitch online from AutoAccessoryGarage for about $216 incl tx last year. Custom fit for the GV, but although it is right up against the bottom of the bumper, it doesn't have much ground clearance. Has not turned out to be an issue. Had a repair shop install with light connection for about $300 more. Works well
Great, thanks for the tip!
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