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Infotainment Panel Issue

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I'm a new GV70 owner and am slowly learning the ins and outs of all the gadgetry. I recently noticed that the panel showing the podcast from my phone has a color overlay. The color seems to change each time I restart the car. I'm sure it's user error but it was inadvertent and I don't know how to fix it.
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The color shouldn't change on its own. You can program in the one you want and leave it. I have noticed that my screen format sometimes does change on its own, and its frustrating. The other day, all my preset stations disappeared and I had to start over.
Another issue. Just for kicks, try to change your clock setting (daylight savings time here) by using the manual. Good luck.
Car is fine, technology is too complicated for me.
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Not sure if the screen color is the same as the illumination color. Probably two differerent things. Could not tell you how to find either without starting over. Nothing is intuitive on the screen. Will look at some of the videos.
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