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Hyundai Canada really promotes transparency by showing inventory at each dealer, and by publishing the prices of extended warranty and other protection plans (unlike Subaru, for example, which does neither). seems to do the latter too (though not inventory). But it feels like it's broken. Before I spend time chasing this with the dealer, is there something I'm missing or not doing?

Hyundai: basic warranty is 5 yr / 100K km (60K mi), you can add Powertrain, Premium, or Premium Plus plans, with a choice of 6/120, 6/200, 7/120, 7/140, 8/160 (chosen from a dropdown). This seems reasonable and I thought Genesis would be the same.

Genesis basic warranty is also 5 yr / 100K km. You add extended warranty by answering questions and seeing what it recommends. Almost everything at this point seems to be broken.

There's a dropdown for how long you plan to own (1-8+ years). For 1-5 years there's no extended warranty (of course), then it offers only 6/200, 7/140, 8/160, depending on years you'll own. There's a question about how many km/yr you plan to drive (0-15K, 15-20K, 20-25K, 25+K). No matter what you answer you only get one choice, again one of the three previous determined by years you'll own. So no suggestion of 6/200 or 8/160 if you say "7 years and 25+K/yr" (175K). Of course you can game it and say 8 years when you intend 7 of heavy driving, but then why complicate with a guided system, just offer a choice of plans like Hyundai. A [Y/N] question re: extra coverage will toggle between Premium and Premium Plus. But the question only mentions Road Hazard Protection, Claim-Free Benefit and Trade-in Benefit, but the Premium Plus description implies getting repairs on more things. And then there are separate choices for Appearance Protection and Lease No-Surprises coverage.

My question is whether the Genesis site is broken, or if they've truly decided not to offer 6/120 and 7/120. And what's the point of asking for annual km if there are no choices there either (including selling a more expensive package based on distance not time).

Finally, is the 5/100 warranty coverage defined anywhere on the website? All I found is this, where the "legal disclaimer" just repeats the asterisks and doesn't define them.:

All Genesis Vehicles Include: 5 Years / 100,000 km* | 5 Years / Unlimited km**

Read legal disclaimer >>

All vehicles sold by Genesis Motors Canada come equipped with 5 Years / 100,000 km*, (whichever occurs first) Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance, At Home Valet with Courtesy Vehicle Service, Comprehensive Limited Warranty, and 5 years / unlimited kilometres** Multimedia & Navigation Map Updates, Genesis Connected Services™, 24/7 Enhanced Roadside Assistance. The services are provided to customers within 50 km (driving distance) of the closest authorized Genesis distributor. Services are only offered in Canada. Some limitations apply. See an authorized Genesis distributor for complete details. Visit Genesis at Home Disclaimers for more details.
Followed by marketing descriptions of
  • At Home Valet with Courtesy Vehicle Service*
  • 24/7 Enhanced Roadside Assistance**
  • Genesis Connected Services™**
  • Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance*
  • Comprehensive Limited Warranty*
  • Complimentary Multimedia & Navigation Map Updates**

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