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Is Highway Drive Assist II Required for Auto Lane Change?

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Test drove the 4 cylinder GV70 yesterday and really liked it. Does anyone know if Highway Drive Assist II is required to get the automatic lane change feature on the highway? You have to get the Sport Prestige package to get Highway Drive Assist II on the four cylinder model. I’d rather save the $3600 and just go for the Advanced but auto lane change would be nice.
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I'm not 100% sure but the video for the HDA v1 makes no mention of lane changing.
I have it on my GV70 Sport Prestige 3.5. I tried it once and it works but for the life of me cannot understand why it is even remotely necessary. There are at least 3 different ways to determine if it's clear to make a lane change without really looking so not sure why having the car decide and implement is a good thing.
My dad has it on his new G80 and says he doesn’t really use it. Still, it’s one of those features I still kind of want but will do without for an extra $3600.
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