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Lane Keep Assist/Lane Follow Assist and other annoyances

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I'm not sure if this is an issue with my specific car or if this affects all GV80's, so I thought I'd get some input from other owners. I regularly drive in rural areas with narrow, winding roads and it feels like the car is actively trying to kill me. It will try to turn into corners way too early and keep turning after the turn has already ended. There is also an issue on highways, when using cruise control with LFA, it drives like a drunk. Constantly weaving, I guess trying to find center but it never stops weaving. The auto-lane change has not worked once.

The blind spot monitoring is also way too sensitive. It constantly goes off when there is a car 2 or even 3 lanes over from the lane I'm moving into. Constant alerts just means it gets ignored, making it useless...

I'm also having an issue where the rotary control will stop working for the radio/media while driving. It will still work for menus and settings but not radio or media. It usually starts working again the next time I drive, but this is very annoying.

I expected some gremlins in a 1st production year car and overall I am happy with my GV80 and it's still the best looking SUV on the road!
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Ours has never acted like that. I'd suggest a dealer check it out.
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