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Mobile phone mount

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Has anyone encountered a suitable phone mount for the GV80.
I can’t seem to find one.
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I picked up this one at the dollar tree last year. It works just fine, but similar to SGilbert, I use wireless a Android device so my phone does not leave my pocket. This worked amazingly well for $1.25. Clipped right onto the counsel in a few spots and holds my Samsung S21 well.

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What device do you use for wireless Carplay?
Disregard what I posted below, I misread the post and thought you were looking for Android. But for anyone with android, this thing works great.

I know you were asking SGilbert, but I use the Motorola MA1. It works flawlessly and there is no software to update or settings to set. You just plug it in and follow the simple instructions to set it up. I had a AAWireless brand that worked flawlessly in my Audi, but did not work in my Genesis. I would stay away from that one (AAWireless brand) for the Genesis.
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Will NOT work for iPhone!!
Sorry, I misread his post. I thought he was looking for android. I will change my post. Thanks
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