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Just picked ours up a couple of days. Alta white with Dune interior. Drove 180 miles to grab it off the truck. Prestige. I put the dealer under pressure, they stayed after closing for us to pick it up and I didn't give them much time to prep it. They really wanted to spend time going through the features, but I nixed that - so they were doing their job and doing their best to give outstanding service.

Great experience with them. Yes, they are not a "lexus" style showroom or experience, but I really didn't care much about that. The car did not disappoint.

Dealership never received the RFID card with the car (they will mail it to me). Where did you find yours or was it handed to you?
Congrats! How are you liking the build quality so far? Any likes/dislikes?
1 - 2 of 25 Posts