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My new GV60

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My GV60 was delivered late last night from Connecticut! A lot for me to process and get set up. I cannot believe how smoothly it rides and the power it makes. 馃槏
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Nice car, mine is exactly the same.
Yeah, I at least got a little time with the "specialist" at the dealership who registered my phone and key card (which don't work) before I started on my way home. I really loved that Navy interior.
Yes, I love how quiet it is. I was driving our Ioniq5 yesterday, and there is really no comparison. I can't believe how much I drive it with no radio on.
Wow, nothing like ruining a new car by having regrets later. Granted, it was caused by the dealership.
i did not know Nevada was selling them yet. What colors did you get? (Ext/int). Unfortunately, You always had the chance to say no.
1 - 4 of 47 Posts