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My new GV60

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My GV60 was delivered late last night from Connecticut! A lot for me to process and get set up. I cannot believe how smoothly it rides and the power it makes. 馃槏
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New to this forum. I just purchased a GV60 in Las Vegas last week and I would steer clear of this dealership! I got charged a large premium...although less than half of what they first quoted me, as I negotiated. I was in need of a vehicle and caved. The entire negotiation was a nightmare. I don't trust this dealership at all. NOTHING was transparent.

Since I purchased my vehicle just last week, which HAD BEEN listed at actual MSRP on their website (with unstated Dealer Adds or insane markup), they have now modified the "MSRP" on their website twice since I purchased. It went from $69,840 to $77,840 and now it's showing $85,830 plus a Genesis Protection Plan for $7995 AND if you buy from out of state, another $4500!

Is this actually legal?

Considering this pricing disaster, I do hope we can become eligible for the tax rebate as mentioned above by someone about S Korean companies asking for a waiver. That would help remove SOME of the sting!
Wow, nothing like ruining a new car by having regrets later. Granted, it was caused by the dealership.
i did not know Nevada was selling them yet. What colors did you get? (Ext/int). Unfortunately, You always had the chance to say no.
To be clear, I LOVE my car, so yes, all unhappiness solely regarding the dealership and sales staff. MY GV60 is Saville Silver/Ash Grey/White. LOVE the sparkly Silver! It drives incredibly smoothly. It's so quiet! I feel like they thought of everything when it comes to safety and convenience of tactile buttons mixed with touch screen menus. ZERO regrets on the vehicle itself!

Re: the vehicle even being in Nevada: TBH I didn't even know anything about this vehicle until I walked onto a Hyundai/Genesis lot looking for a hybrid or electric vehicle. My research surfaced the many EVs, but never a GV60. I did not purchase that first day. I went home to research and learned that Nevada wasn't even slated to have the GV60 until September., so this was a week early and I felt lucky to have found a full EV with no Order/Wait time.

So, yes, I could have walked away, but it was a difficult decision knowing the availability of any new EV without a wait was slim. I did research vehicles in CA, but it seemed like a lot of work, unaware that shipping vehicles was a thing. All things considered, I caved under pressure and paid the premium and unclearly disclosed, surely overpriced, dealer adds.

All in all, I just wanted to make others aware of the situation here and save them from the distress. I have learned my lesson and I am now more informed for the future.
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As long as you are happy with the car and the price you paid it鈥檚 a winner, lost count of the times I鈥檝e overpaid for things but that鈥檚 part of being an early adopter of new tech and good stuff. 馃憣
It's my first time being an early adopter of anything! lol Good to know!
I tried to negotiate a GV60 purchase with the Las Vegas dealership. Terrible experience. I was able to find a GV60 at a fair price in California.
Interesting that they are still doing the same terrible business. I posted a 1 star review on that dealership. They don't care.

I have since talked with Corporate Genesis and they confirmed that adding premiums is frowned upon by Corporate Genesis. After sharing my terrible experience verbally they suggested I submit a write up so I have. I haven鈥檛 been contacted yet, but maybe something good will come of this dealership being reported to Corporate.

Glad you found a better deal in CA! My review on Google suggested people look out of state to avoid the Las Vegas dealership at all costs.
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