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My new GV60

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My GV60 was delivered late last night from Connecticut! A lot for me to process and get set up. I cannot believe how smoothly it rides and the power it makes. 馃槏
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Story: I purchased from Genesis of Fairfield after watching Out of Spec Dave's taking delivery video. I reached out to Charles the manager there and got on the list. He sells the GV60 for MSRP. I did everything over the phone and email. I arranged shipping from Connecticut to Ohio and it arrived late last night! I would highly recommend getting yours from Genesis of Fairfield!
John, I live in Maryland and have been working on getting a GV60, but Genesis now tells me I have to take it back to a certfied Genesis GV60 dealer for service. I know these aren't sold in Ohio either; what is your plan for service? Do you know if Hyundai can maybe service the GV60 since they have the Ioniq electric car?
I am making the Genesis Concierge solve it. They cannot make a dealership do the work nor will a certified Hyundai do the work. However, the Genesis Concierge offered to let me go to a tire shop to get my tires balanced and get reimbursed. I expect the first service, which is a tire rotation, will be the same. Ohio is supposed to get some certified EV dealers early in 2023 so I am taking that risk until then. My view is that Genesis MUST offer a solution to care for my vehicle, it is under warranty. The location and logistics might be unconventional for a bit but it will work out in the long run as the GV60 rollout hits my state. Happy to talk more if you like.
I figured out an email address for the Genesis executive in charge of customer satisfaction and after market sales. He said pretty definitively that work on the car may only be done by dealers currently authorized to sell the GV60. He specifically said I should wait until it's offered for sale in Maryland, which he said should be in the first quarter of 2023. I went back to my salesperson who seemed genuinely stunned that no one else could work on it and said he'd go talk to his regional manager. For me, it seems like this car needs very little routine maintenance for the first 6 months so from that perspective I'm less worried, but I have bought cars before which had defects almost immediately and that is my bigger concern.
I may have a bigger problem than you because I have outed myself to Genesis before purchasing the car. I think you are right to make Genesis deal since the car is under warranty and (I think) no one specifically told you ahead of time that you would not be able to get the car serviced in your state.
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