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I've had my Sport Prestige ( silver/red-black) for two weeks now.
Really nice. Do you have any pictures with the door(s) open, showing the red interior against the silver exterior? If we go GV70, we're going to want the 2.5T Prestige (Canada) package and kind of sold on the Red interior (only choices are Black, Red, Blue), debating exterior in Black vs Red vs Silver. Other exteriors with Red interior are Blue, Gray, White. My first choice would be Cardiff Green, but only interior is Black at this level and I think I'd want tan (not even vanilla beige, I think).

It feels like Red/Red might be a bit garish, also the two reds appear to be fairly different (based on physically staring at a Red/Blue's exterior and looking over at a Black/Red's open door). Could be like wearing jacket and pants from 2 different suits, both suits might be blue but it wouldn't look right. Our last 4 vehicles have all been some kind of silver (Explorer, Camry, Forester, Outback -- the latter having a pronounced bluish tinge), have never owned black as I don't wash the car often enough to go Black. But for a GV70 I could buy a daily carwash pass and go at 1am when it's not crowded. :) Or Savile Silver, which is relatively dark.

Thanks anyone who has pictures of a combination I've mentioned above.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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