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New GV80 Road Trip

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What's the best way to determine if a vehicle meets or exceeds expectations, especially in the Lux category.
Road trip to NC from NH, seem's Regular Gasoline won't net the 20+ MPG, fill up with Super and top off as needed with regular, netting at least 20 MPG most of the time 21.
The tech works, this car can almost drive itself, I did say almost, keeping the lane guidence on kept me in my lane while making the drive less dramatic, which by the way was one day or 12 hours and 737 miles.
The drivers seat really ruins a relatively comfortable car, this isn't just the man whining, my petite wife said the same thing, she said this seat hurts my butt. IT's BAD Genesis, you need to fix it.
So, parts of NJ, NY, Ct are really horrible drives, no wonder folks in NY City are so angry, if I had to drive around that cluster ---- I'd be pretty pissed off to! Thankfully a few of us very immature drivers decided to make hay and play our way north, a BMW M5, Audi Q7, Porsche Pamerica, amongst others we're like I said immature. Let's be clear, you put this car in Sport Mode and it will without question hold it's own and keep pace with the best of them, and it did, ask my much more mature wife.
A few gripes, this thing at idle almost sounds like my Diesel F350, not sure what's up but it is pretty loud.
We had no problem with stowing our gear and our little Weiner dog, there is plenty of room for 2 humans and a pet and all our stuff, could have had another passenger with room to spare.
Otherwise for what it's worth, the car did what it was supposed to do with little fanfare, we'll be heading back down sometime soon and let's hope all stays the same.
I had pushed for the aforementioned BMW and was promptly shut down, she wanted the Genesis and that was that, and after the long ride I have NO complaints, cept the drivers seat.
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