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I'm struggling to understand & make the salesman understand what I want. I'm buying this car just because I really fell in love with the interior design. What we are looking for in the GV80 is this:
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But it looks like this 2-tone interior comes only with 3.5AWD Prestige package. Can someone please help me understand:
1. is this the only trim this comes in?
2. can we expect the GV70 burgundy interior some time soon?
3. I'm in CA & every dealer has at least 5-10k markup on these. What is the going price for the 2021 GV80 3.5 AWD Prestige?
4. do you guys have a thread where you are sharing your delivery timelines?
5. can we buy from another state dealer and get it registered in CA or is there some sort of restriction?
6. I'm thinking of either the GV80 or GV70 (I really love the burgundy interior & I'm imagining a white exterior). What's the sweetspot trim in terms of features and price?
Welcome to the forum @torrentkid. Let me try to answer as many of these questions as best I can.

1. I believe that interior is only available on the Prestige. I don't see it available on other trims in the Genesis configurator.

2. My guess is that the burgundy interior is only going to be an option for the GV70 for now. But who knows that could change.

3. It's going to be tricky trying to find a prestige that isn't marked up.

4. Here are a couple of threads about delivery times or people talking about delivery.

5. I'm not from California but this should help you out. The short answer is yes but it must meet smog requirements.

6. That's kind of dependant on what you're looking for. The GV80 and GV70 meet two different needs. If you want something that more roomy, comfy and made for cruising then the GV80 would be more for you. If you want something that's more sporty and don't mind the smaller space then the GV70 is more your alley.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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