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I know manufacturers are starting to remove the spare, but I've really only noticed it on hybrids.where they can claim it's because hybrid owners want to do everything to reduce fuel consumption (not sure I think that's the primary driver).

Does the GV70 really not have a spare either? I think I saw that in the Carti Global video I linked, so maybe it was a Korea-spec vehicle. But if it's true, is there any way to calculate what the right donut spare would be, and is there any chance there's a place for it? On the 2022 Tucson, the gas models have a temporary spare, so there's a place in the hybrid's sheet metal to put it (though not to lock it down), there's a spec for it, and also possibility to buy from Hyundai if one wants.

Is that possible with the GV70? I really don't like the idea of a long trip without any spare, even if I could live in-city with a can of goo and roadside assistance. On a luxury car, I figure they should include both a cheap temporary spare and the "TMK" and tell owners they can choose.

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