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I have a 3.5 Prestige with about 3.5k miles. I absolutely love the car, how it drives and the luxury of the interior, basically everything…except the MPG.
I’ve always had the worst MPG in both eco and comfort modes - around 12/13 MPG. I knew I wasn’t getting great mpg since virtually all of my driving is around New York City - mpg efficiency has never bothered me or was a consideration when buying cars.

For the first time since I got the car, I had a long road trip where it was all highways - and was pleasantly surprised that I was getting around 23 MPG.
Moral of the story is that I thought the listed MPG for the GV80 was just inaccurate - but confirmed that the terrible mpg was really a function of NYC. In other words, they should have a separate mpg rating for NYC ;)
Hi, I just made a trip to the National Park mostly on highway and got 25 MPG during 400 miles trip mostly on a highway. I have 3.5 Prestige as well
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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