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Well folks, one day after putting in my order for a Brunswick Green 3.5 Sport Prestige, I'm backing out. There was no way to estimate the time frame for delivery, but it easily could've been a year. Wanting to take advantage of the crazy used market ASAP, I decided I didn't want to wait that long. Did a lot of research on other luxury brands. Came across the BMW X4M, and it literally checked all the boxes. Coming in at less than 10K above what the GV70 I wanted would have cost, at MSRP, it was a no brainer. Way more vehicle. Almost 500HP, just as capable at taking corners as my previous Stinger, which is impressive for a car that sits at the height it does. It's a true drivers car, you can feel the road, doesn't have that "floating" feel. Never thought I'd end up in a European car, but here I am, unexpectedly.

Best of luck to everyone else in the hunt!
I've been checking inventory daily, which checks within about 550 miles of me. There are Brunswick Green's out there at this point, so you might still find what you were looking for that has been delivered to a dealership!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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