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Paint issues

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My new GV70 has 830 miles on it. The other day, my wife accidentally ran through a mess left by a construction truck and got mud all over the car. She, thinking she was doing the right thing, took the car to a brush-type car wash before I could get a hose on it. Now there are swirls all over the car and they are pretty visible in the Adriatic Blue paint. Next week, the car goes in for a paint correction and a ceramic coating. I will not pay thousands for a PPF treatment, but at least the paint correction will get rid of the swirls and the ceramic coating will give the paint a little protection. Added bonus, since the car does not need an interior detail, the shop is going to throw in a leather coating instead which will give us a fighting chance to avoid the Vanilla Beige interior from turning grimy sooner rather than later.

The lousy water-based paint and soft clearcoat used by manufacturers these days has created an entire industry for the PPF and ceramic coating vendors. The paint on my 15 year old Mercedes still looks as good as new, but none of the manufacturers are using decent, durable paint anymore. It just sucks. smh
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"This is too bad. If my car had its paint scraped off, I used stickers to stick the scraped areas, but they were all small areas."
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