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I'm getting very close to making a purchase on a GV70. I think I'll probably go with the Select package because of the cost, even though I really want the surround view that comes in the Advanced package. A couple questions that would be really helpful...

- With the Advanced Package, I understand that you get a blind spot view when you put your turn signal on. I love that, but I would like the image before I turn on the signal. Is there anyway that you can get this view without having to put on your signal? My wife's old accord had this feature and if you pressed a button, you could actually turn on the view.

- With the Select Package, do you get an audible tone for the front of the vehicle when you're parking to let you know you're getting close to an object, like what you get in the rear when reversing? I thought I remember seeing something about that this may only be available in advanced package, which would be a bummer.
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