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Set of OEM 21" Michelin Primacy Tour A/S (GOE) tires for sale

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I just bought this set in the last 30 days from Tire Rack (fronts came a few weeks after the rears due to backorder). I mounted them last week and have driven 77 miles on them as of today. I will likely put a few more miles on them until I can remove them later this week, but I wanted to post now to start generating interest. Nothing is wrong with the tires, I just decided I want to go with a different option.

Please let me know if you are interested in buying them. Tires are located near Washington DC

Front: 245/40R21 GOE
Rear: 275/35R21 GOE


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You should be able to return the tires to Tire Rack..... If you act quickly!
Thanks for the suggestion. I did call them prior to posting here and they asked me if the tires had been driven on. When I said yes, they transferred me to their warranty department. From there, they couldn't really help me. Yes, they would accept the tires back under the Michelin 60-day satisfaction guarantee, but in order to return them, you have to replace with another set of tires (from any brand). They essentially credit you the cost of the tires to apply to another set. No chance of monetary refund was my understanding.

Unfortunately, that's not what I would want as I've decided to return to my original tires that I kept and they still have plenty of life left. So I have no need for another new set of tires at this time. I suppose I could exchange them for tires I would need in the future and just store them, but they might be a few years old by then, which is not ideal either.
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