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Surround View Monitor Image Request Not Working

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The remote Surround View Monitor Image Request on demand is not working in my car. It did not work when I tested it at my home the other day, and it still doesn’t work with my car at at remote location (getting PPF) while I’m at home.
The message I receive is:
“We received a find
my car SVM Image
request for your
(xxxxx). Date:
10/12/2022 at 10:50
am EDT near xxxx , Duluth,
GA 30096, USA and

I think that I have seen that others are having the same problem, too, but I have not seen anyone identify the problem or a fix for it.
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I don't have that problem on my 2021, but what does Genesis say? Just curious. Software update issue maybe?
The Genesis response was to take it to a dealer without so much as a suggestion of how to take care of it without wasting so much time.
One of the Genesis Connected Customer Care Reps finally figured out how to get mine to work. They had to delete my account and wait 24 hrs. Then called me back and from a desktop computer, I had to delete the car out of my account and then when reactivated the account from the beginning and then it worked!! She said that she had helped someone else with the same problem and remembers that I was having the same issue so she called me. We tried it and it worked.

Thanks for this, DLT. The Genesis Connected Customer Care folks had no idea how to remedy this problem, and the only suggestion was to take the car to the dealer.

After seeing your suggestion, I contacted Genesis again and asked for my account to be deleted, reading your note to him. He was somewhat reluctant, but did delete my account.

After I logged back in and added my car back to the account, the Surround View Monitor on demand worked for the first time! Thanks again.
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts