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Well the funny part is I drove it home on Monday afternoon in traffic, it was only a 20 minute drive and I haven't driven it since! It's been in the garage and I've been learning the technology, setting it up to my liking. There's a lot of technology to learn.
I already drove a test GV80 with the Prestige Package and 3.5TT so I already knew about its performance. As their advertising states, it has "Athletic Elegance" and I agree. It's not the fastest crossover out there but a 13.9 second quarter mile and top speed of 149 mph is ample. It's very quiet with some nice exhaust sound to hear. The 22" wheels do give it a harder ride but not by much. The torque kicks in very early, a lot of power. I look forward to getting her on an open highway and see how she feels.
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Very nice! Love that diamond-quilted interior so much!

Keep us all posted if you find any tech features you really love. I do think that
s the biggest learning curve with these new cars. So much tech!
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