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"How it drives" comes under the still a lot to learn. I felt like I was fighting the wheel on the Interstate, as it wanted to do the steering. I'll be going through the set-up screen again today! Delivery by my dealer was excellent.

I was going to get the 4 cylinder, but would have to wait to get the prestige package, so I took the 6.
Mine is Goldcoast silver with the black interior. Drove through the rain all the way home, and it really doesn't show the dirt.

Also, my dealer sells at sticker price. I have heard of dealers jacking up the price.
Picked up my GV80 today in Bedford (Cleveland). Goldcoast Silver with the 3.5T.
Prestige package. Test drove it yesterday and decided not to wait for more incoming cars.
Still a lot to learn about it.
1 - 3 of 138 Posts