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It's another GV80 rendering but this one is largely based off the GV80 test mule we've been seeing in spy shots throughout the latter part of this year. It also helps that the G90 and G80 sedans were redesigned as next-generation models using Genesis' new design direction and can be seen in their entirety. The design of those sedans are VERY similar to how the GV80 is shaping up. Credit to Motor1 for producing the rendering.

Can't wait to get my hands on one!

From Motor1:
"The SUV segment may be crowded, but the GV80 will stand out thanks to its design.

April 12, 2017 – that’s when Genesis introduced the GV80 concept at the New York Auto Show. Roughly two and a half years later, you’re not going to find the production version at a dealer near you. Hyundai’s premium division keeps saying that it’s coming, but we still don’t know when the wraps are finally going to come off. For this week’s rendering, is trying to ease the wait by attempting to imagine the final version of Genesis’ first SUV.

The adjacent design exercise is more than just a shot in the dark as it’s heavily based on the namesake concept as well as on the numerous prototypes we’ve seen racking up miles at the Nürburgring this year. The test vehicles spotted at the Green **** were fully covered, but the thin camouflage left little to the imagination, therefore we strongly believe the real deal will look a lot like this.

Genesis’ new “Crest” grille has been seen already on the 2020 G90 currently on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but the headlights flanking it are a bit different than those of the fullsize sedan. The cluster appears to be divided into two separate units rather than being bisected by the daytime running lights as it’s the case with the company’s flagship car. The split theme will continue at the back where the GV80’s taillights will mirror the two-tier headlights.

The G90 revealed this week in U.S. specification is a heavy facelift of the previous model, therefore we’re not surprised the interior has remained largely the same. With the GV80 being an all-development, we’re expecting a vastly different cabin in the same vein as the showcar’s interior seen above in official images.

In an SUV-thirsty market, the GV80 can’t come soon enough, and we’re hoping Genesis will reveal the vehicle in the weeks or months to come, at the latest."
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