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Just got a new 2022 GV80 3.5T Advanced. Love the car, but having serious issue with the drivers seat being very uncomfortable on the buttocks. The bottom seat cushion feels like there is a bar or something hard under the seat and after a short while (5 min or so) it causes discomfort. I tried adjusting the seat every which way - including the front button that extends under the knees (it also raises or lowers) and I still feel this hard protrusion under the seat cushion. I have the Ergo seat and I wonder if it is the air bladder underneath? I sat in the passenger and rear seats and they do not have this problem, they are very comfortable.
2023 GV-80 Prestige. No question that the front seats are extremely uncomfortable, especially for male drivers! It feels as if I'm sitting on a softball that's not soft and like many of you who have posted, I've changed every possible setting on the driver's seat and nothing helps. Now the search begins to find the appropriate seat cushion. Great: $84,000 and the seats in my friend's Subaru Crosstrek are far superior!!! Sad, very sad indeed...
1 - 1 of 40 Posts