GV60 owners will be the first to get 'Face Connect,' a face detection system that allows you to lock and unlock your Genesis without using the smart key. The technology will eventually make its way to other Genesis vehicles.
"The South Korean automaker’s Face Connect system features a Near Infra-Red (NIR) camera on the B-pillar that has been designed to work in all lighting conditions, including at night. The system can register up to two faces and individual profiles can be set up for each face.

The system can automatically adjust things like the driver’s seat and steering wheel when it detects a saved face and profile. In addition, the head-up display, wing mirrors, and infotainment settings will also be automatically adjusted. Face Connect will allow owners to leave their smart keys in the car, lock it using the face recognition system, and not have to worry about carrying their keys around.

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The Face Connect technology works alongside the Fingerprint Authentication System previously introduced by Genesis. While drivers can open vehicles with their face, they also need to scan their fingerprint to start and drive their car. Genesis says that it has replaced PIN code access and now uses fingerprint authentication for things like in-vehicle payments and enabling Valet Mode.

Genesis has also updated its over-the-air software update technology which was previously limited to infotainment functions such as navigation, the digital cluster, and head-up display. Now, the system can update major components including the electric vehicle integrated control device, suspension, brakes, steering wheel, and airbags.

The all-electric GV60 will be the first Genesis model made available with Face Connect. The system will then be gradually introduced to other models."