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Updated app no longer remote starts GV80

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The Genesis app on my phone recently updated the look & feel of the app. It looks nice, BUT I can no longer remote start my car. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a simple fix?

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Thanks Bill. It seems we're all in this together. My remote start worked after the recently required upgrade and suddenly, yesterday, stopped working. It tells me "Remote Start with Climate Control unsuccessful. Please ensure your vehicle is in a good coverage area.", even though the car is in the parking garage in one case and my daughter's driveway in another case. I'll wait until my service scheduled for next week. Having said that, I am not optimistic 😊😊😊

There were two updates, the second one was a few days later and corrected some of the issues mentioned here. This was both for Apple and Android. So make sure you have the latest of the latest. Also if you have not mentioned which phone you have, it might help as people with the same phone can tell you if they have the same issue. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts