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User profiles probably looked good on paper....

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But what a disappointment. Because the FOBs are 'dumb' (unlike any other vehicle) the GV70 has no idea who is getting in and so you often have to go through changing the profile (if you are quick enough about it). I have made many good changes to my settings but now I have to go in and do the same for my wife?! I'm close to just erasing all but one profile and I'll just use seat recall 2 when i get in. Any other suggestions?? Thanks,
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I may do that but I’m not sure it’s a complete solution. Now the issues seem to be more not saving settings to my profile so I have to reset them often. Then last evening some kind of brake grabbing or transmission issue….all at 150 miles. My wife is about to kill me. She wanted a Kia Sorento. Could have saved a bundle!
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